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Green Restaurant Association Sends Letter to Kimberly-Clark

GRA lett1 In another example of a business taking action to protect forests, the Green Restaurant Association recently wrote to Kimberly-Clark. Their letter encouraged the company to:

1. Commit to increasing its post consumer recycled content to match that of Cascades Tissues North River Line
2. Commit to only using FSC certified wood products, when it is using virgin fiber
3. Switch to processed chlorine free or totally chlorine free

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Forest Friendly Recruiter: A.C. Gobin

A.C. Gobin is a team leader volunteer with Greenpeace Canada for the Kleercut campaign. Though this is his first environmental campaign, he and his team are responsible for over 43 of the nearly 600 Forest Friendly businesses. How does anyone—especially with a team of 4 recruiters on the first day and 2 on the other two days— get so many businesses signed up? Below, A.C. discusses some of his recruiting tips.

When approaching businesses, A.C. suggests that Forest Friendly recruiters should greet businesses with a “big wave and wear a big smile.” Though this may not be possible to do in all places, A.C. notes that stopping “into one of the radio stations got them to announce that we were in the area and recruiting businesses,” and proved to be a good technique. He adds when talking about the campaign to businesses, “Speak slowly and calmly with an elevated tone.” A sample of the Forest Friendly speech A.C. and his team give follows:

A.C.: “Sir/Ma'am, how are you today?”

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Speaking out against Kimberly-Clark: Quotes from businesses who took the pledge

Speaking out against Kimberly-Clark: The word on Kimberly-Clark spreads
“We have stopped buying Kimberly-Clark products, and we are encouraging others to do the same. We have also placed links on our website to the Kleercut pages. As an environmentally responsible business, we see it as our duty to do what we can to help stop destructive practices wherever they occur.”
-Wildlife & Countryside Services Abergele, United Kingdom -

“This is my business and I have banned any Kimberly-Clark products. I also advocate that my clients do the same. Keep up the good work.”
-Peter Taylor & Associates Inc. Oshawa, Ontario Canada -

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