Join the 700 Businesses Taking Action for Forests: Take the Pledge Not to Use Kimberly-Clark Products

Kleenex and clearcut in North American Boreal Forest, Canada Hundreds of companies in the U.S, Canada and throughout the world are taking action to protect ancient forests. To date, 700 companies have joined Greenpeace’s Forest Friendly Business project by pledging not to use Kimberly-Clark products such as Kleenex, until the company stops destroying the last remaining ancient forests.
Kimberly-Clark is the world's largest manufacturer of tissue products, best known for its Kleenex brand of toilet paper, facial tissue and napkins. Besides Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark also makes other brands of tissue products including a commercial line under the brand KC Professional and consumer brands Viva, Scott, and Cottonelle.

Kimberly-Clark is also known for its poor record on forest conservation, having been implicated in the destruction of ancient forests including the North America Boreal Forest. Less than 20% of the world’s original forests remain intact, most having been degraded or lost due to unsustainable logging. The remaining ancient forests are under increasing threat and Kimberly-Clark plays a very big part in this pressure. Kimberly-Clark uses more than 3 million tonnes of virgin tree fiber each year to manufacture disposable products that are used by both businesses and individuals around the world. Much of this fiber comes from large clearcuts, some upwards of 23,500 acres in size, and from the remaining habitat of grizzly bears, woodland caribou and wolverines.

Stack of logs from an ancient forest in Ontario, Canada destined for Kimberly-Clark.

The companies are asking Kimberly-Clark to help protect ancient forests by:

1. Greatly increasing the use of recycled paper content in its tissue products. The company currently only uses an average of 29% recycle pulp throughout their entire worldwide tissue product line and less than 19% in North America;

2. To not use pulp from forests that have been designated as endangered;

3. To use only virgin pulp (from trees) that has been certified to the strict environmental and social standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC ensures that logging operations are sustainable.

Because Kimberly-Clark refuses to stop wiping away ancient forests, Greenpeace is working with current and potential corporate customers of Kimberly-Clark to convince the company to change its fiber purchasing policies. Businesses across North America and around the world represent a significant part of Kimberly-Clark’s revenue stream and thus they have a loud voice to call for change with.

Take Action
1. Please join the Forest growing number of Forest Friendly businesses and the thousands of people who have asked Kimberly-Clark to change their forest destroying ways by sending an email to Kimberly-Clark now. (You will be redirected to the Action website.)

2. We've surpassed our original goal of 500 businesses but until Kimberly-Clark changes it ways, more businesses are needed to pressure this company to protect forests. If you own or manage a business and would like to join the Forest Friendly 500+ please click here.

3. To help out by recruiting Forest Friendly Businesses, click here.

Download the Forest Friendly 500 Action Kit to get all the information and materials you will need to approach businesses. And, once you've done that, be sure to read up on the Kimberly-Clark Commercial Tissue Products to Avoid!



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