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Join the 700 Businesses Taking Action for Forests: Take the Pledge Not to Use Kimberly-Clark Products

Kleenex and clearcut in North American Boreal Forest, Canada Hundreds of companies in the U.S, Canada and throughout the world are taking action to protect ancient forests. To date, 700 companies have joined Greenpeace�s Forest Friendly Business project by pledging not to use Kimberly-Clark products such as Kleenex, until the company stops destroying the last remaining ancient forests.

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Big Businesses, Educational Institutions Join Forest Friendly Businesses in Rejecting K-C

While over 700 small businesses have rejected Kimberly-Clark products, the campaign has also made significant progress with encouraging educational institutions and large businesses to boycott K-C products until the company stops destroying ancient forests to make disposable products. To date:

-- Aspen Skiing Company has removed K-C products from its ski mountains, hotels and restaurants, as well as dropped all printed references to Kleenex Corner, an iconic spot on Aspen Mountain.
-- American University has sent a letter of concern to K-C that highlights the university�s decision to avoid using K-C paper products
-- Rice University has removed K-C products from its Housing and Dining
-- Skidmore College has written a letter of concern to K-C
-- The Green Restaurant Association has sent a letter to K-C stating that they will not endorse K-C products

K-C Losing Customers: New York Times Ad Features Forest Friendly Businesses

Ny Times Ad (Click for high res PDF)

In a ad in the National Edition of the New York Times newspaper, Greenpeace announced that more than 650 businesses in North America and from around the world are refusing to use tissue products manufactured by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation and made from ancient forests. The businesses are calling on the company to use more recycled fiber and pulp from sustainable logging operations in its products including Kleenex brand facial tissue.

The company is causing the destruction of North America�s largest ancient forest, the Boreal, which is home to endangered species and is essential in combating global warming pollution.

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