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Forest Friendly 500 Businesses Refuse to Support Forest Destruction

Kleenex and clearcut in North American Boreal Forest, Canada The Forest Friendly 500 are a group of businesses who refuse to support the Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s destruction of ancient forests. They are taking a stand for ancient forests which are being increasingly destroyed to create disposable products.

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Calling all Kleercut activists: We still need your help to get businesses to pledge to not purchase Kimberly-Clark products. Our goal to reach out to 500 business owners, in the US, Canada and abroad by the end of May.

We are just about halfway there, but we need you!

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Speaking out against Kimberly-Clark: Quotes from businesses who took the pledge

Speaking out against Kimberly-Clark: The word on Kimberly-Clark spreads
“We have stopped buying Kimberly-Clark products, and we are encouraging others to do the same. We have also placed links on our website to the Kleercut pages. As an environmentally responsible business, we see it as our duty to do what we can to help stop destructive practices wherever they occur.”
-Wildlife & Countryside Services Abergele, United Kingdom -

“This is my business and I have banned any Kimberly-Clark products. I also advocate that my clients do the same. Keep up the good work.”
-Peter Taylor & Associates Inc. Oshawa, Ontario Canada -

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Download the Forest Friendly 500 Action Kit to get all the information and materials you will need to approach businesses. And, once you've done that, be sure to read up on the Kimberly-Clark Commercial Tissue Products to Avoid!



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There are currently 267 businesses listed in our directory. The last business added was Michael McCullough. That means that we have now reached 53% of our target!

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